Educator v1.5

Educator is software made for teachers and anyone whose primary goal is teaching using computers. It can reduce costs and speedup process of learning. It can show teacher's work to all students in real time by sending screen to student's computers. With Educator, teacher can also monitor or take control student's computer in order to help him when needed.

Educator, working under Windows 7 operating system

Present your work to all students in real time

You can use this option instead of using projector. All your work will be presented to your students in real time and in the same time your students can't use their computers like they can when you are using projector. This can significantly increase their attention.

Take control

If some of your student needs help, you don't need to leave your computer any more. Just simply double click and take control over student's computer.

Disable internet on selected or all computers in classroom

Facebook, Twitter or surfing during class can be disabled with this option. Instantly, all browser windows will be closed.

Black screen

You can get full attention immediately with black screen option. Students won't be able to use their computers in any way.

Disable keyboard and mouse

This option is similar to black screen option but screen won't be black.

Disable games and applications

Students often play games or use other applications instead of doing what they are supposed to do. You can now prevent them in doing that with Educator. Just click and forbid whatever you want.

Quick view of running applications

You can see what applications are running on students computers. Educator will draw icons of running programs in the bottom of screen for all computers or just for one you select. Double click on one you wish to disable and that is all you need to do to add program to list of forbidden applications.

Send documents

If you want to send documents to students, you can do it with this option. No need to use USB sticks, cd, DVD or any other storage media again. You also have option to run files after they are sent.

Collect documents

Collecting student's documents can be slow and complicated work. That is why this option is very useful. You can collect documents with incredible easy and flexibility. Just select type of document you want to collect and Educator will collect documents from all computers and put them in separate folders for each student. Teacher can collect only files created during last hour (or any custom time) to speed up the process and prevent from collecting too much unnecessary files.

Shut down, restart, log off

With this option you can easily shut down, restart or log off any computer or all computers at once. Very useful at the end of the day when you need to turn off all computers.

Monitor students

Educator allows you to see all computer screens at once so you can see if students are doing something they were not supposed to do. You can also select one computer and zoom into it to see more clearly what student is doing without any interruption.

Disable Task Manager

This option will prevent students from closing programs (and Educator) using Task Manager.

Optimized for Microsoft Windows 7

Educator is made to use maximum speed and performance of Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 1.8 GHz or better
RAM: 1 GB or more
Hard drive: 50 MB approx.
Internet connection: only during activation

Try it!

Check how Educator works in your classroom free for 30 days. During that period software is completely free for personal and commercial use.

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